Nursing Station Lighting

Carefully Designed Lighting for Carers:
A holistic approach to lighting healthcare spaces

Patient floors, and their accompanying nursing stations and waiting areas, are demanding in terms of lighting design: patients, hospital staff, and visitors each have unique needs. Patients and visitors should feel welcome and assured, and staff are seeking a comfortable and stimulating work environment. Above all, these active patient care areas require safe, dependable, and hygienic lighting equipment to address the wide variety of tasks being performed.

Healthcare Lighting products and lighting control solutions are easy to use, and ideal for the 24/7 needs of a nursing station. Lighting can be utilized to create a productive workspace, enabling the nursing team to effectively manage clerical tasks such as updating charts and computer work. Overnight, light levels can be modified to reduce stress on both staff and patients, while ensuring nurses remain alert and awake.

Adjacent corridors and staircases benefit from lighting that ensures safe and seamless navigation, while lighting in examination rooms and intensive care spaces offer superior visibility when needed.

All luminaires are easy to clean and disinfect to combat dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses, with the option to incorporate a discreet layer of UV sanitization when needed.

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Connected and In Control with Healthcare Lighting

Thoughtful design of a lighting environment directly impacts a medical team’s effectiveness and contributes to overall job satisfaction. At Healthcare Lighting we combine nLight® and nLight® AIR compatibility with intelligent luminaire designs to seamlessly match lighting levels specific to the area and activity.

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As technology pressures meet financial pressures, an adaptable design helps to future-proof a hospital. Healthcare Lighting’s portfolio and roadmap offer design flexibility to add more features and functions in the future, without the need to retire existing technology.